Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo burst into tears

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There are still 15 minutes left in the extra time match. At this time, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo broke down in tears. His teammates and coaching staff could not even try to handle him. In such a situation, former German defender Dietmar Hamann explained Ronaldo’s crying, “He only thinks about himself!” Ronaldo missed a penalty before the break in extra time.

That’s why he cried profusely, Portugal could have won earlier if he could have scored at that time. After his miss though the team won. Goalkeeper Diego Costa won the tie-breaker.

But all the discussions started with the tears of Ronaldo! Many netizens called his collapse in the middle of the match as unprofessional behavior. Many people are trolling on social media about this. Various discussions and criticisms are going on. A kind of ‘selfish’ said Ronaldo!

“He (Ronaldo) has to be credited, he took the first penalty and he took it well,” Hamann told German media outlet RTE. It was a very good penalty. But as I said ‘Ronaldo has become a team player’, that is utter nonsense. He only cares about himself!’I think he showed yesterday what he really is? When he missed a penalty and started crying at the break in extra time, I thought: ‘This is all about him. There’s a squad of 26 players, 20 staff, 30 to 40 thousand fans, it’s not about you. You try to remain neutral. But I gave Slovenia a chance to cheer because the reaction was embarrassing, I thought it was over,’ added the former German midfielder. He also felt Ronaldo should have been substituted at that point in the match!

Although he could not score from the penalty in the match, Ronaldo scored the goal in the tie-breaker. Then he apologized to Karjode supporters without cheering.

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