Seminar on World Population Day organized by Prafulla

📄🖋: RJ Tanjid
Disclosure: 1 week ago
Photo: TDN

On the occasion of World Population Day on Thursday morning (July 11), a seminar was organized by environmental organization Prafulla in Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur.  On this day, the seminar titled “Empowering Future Generations through Innovation and Collaboration” was organized at Khwaja Badrudduza Modern Hospital at Safipur. 

The founder and managing director of Khwaja Badrudduza Modern Hospital Alhaj Dr. Md. Bakhtiar was present as the chief guest in the seminar. Tuhinur Rahman, assistant professor of Bhawal Badre Alam Government College,  was the keynote speaker in this seminar.

The speakers seek attention on the effects of population growth on climate change and what can be done to protect the balance of the environment from it.  Besides, they advise making an environmentally conscious generation along with making skilled, efficient manpower.

Prafulla team expressed gratitude to Khwaja Badrudduza Modern Hospital for their overall cooperation in the event.


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