Sohini and Arefin Shuvo in India Charki Original Series ‘Lahu’

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Sohini and Arefin Happy:

Earlier Rahul made two movies named ‘Kishmish’ and ‘Dilkhush’. Telling the background of this web series, director Rahul Mukherjee said, ‘Hill region. A special team reaches there to deal with an active group. The story is about what happens next. Apart from this, Shubo and Sohini all work together, it seems that our geographical border is being opened for a few ages. The two countries will do great things together with art. In Rahul’s words, Charki is a fantastic play.

আরিফিন শুভ

Charki started traveling to India in October this year. Now the good news is that Charki is starting to produce their content in India.
The shooting of Charki original series ‘Lahu’ will start from the end of this month. Arifin Shubo, currently popular and popular actor in Dhaka cinema, and Sohini Sarkar from Opar Bengal will be seen in this series. Directed by Rahul Mukherjee.
Sohini Sarkar is very excited about the series ‘Lahu’. He also prepares himself for the work according to the character. He said, ‘I am very happy and optimistic about the work. Charki work is starting in Calcutta. It also increased the scope and scope of our work. It feels good to think. Also the story and plot of the series is completely different. Hopefully, the work will be great.

Arifin Shubor is having a good year this year. He has equally dominated cinema and OTT. Talking about working on Charki’s content in India, Shubo said, ‘Of course it is a matter of great joy and excitement. It is not only for me, but also for our Bangladeshi OTT and the general audience.

Sohini Sarkar:

Gratitude to the Creator. I would also like to thank the directors, producers and platforms who are giving good opportunities. And above all, so much for the love, prayers and support of my audience; Gratitude to them.’ said Shubo.

When asked what preparations are being made for ‘Lahu’, Shubo said, ‘I have read the script. Several meetings were held with the director. I am trying to understand what is the level of character. And when the shooting starts, I hope to be able to do the work better.


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