Taskin Ahmed Riyad could not play in the Oman national cricket team due to injury

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Sports Life:

Taskin Ahmed Riyad Started his cricket journey with domestic cricket in Bangladesh and played for Dhaka Metro at the age of 2014. He is a third class cricketer of Bangladesh Cricket Board. Currently he is a member of Oman Cricket Board. He is a right-arm fast bowler.
Taskin-Riyadh, Oman is emerging as a rising star of cricket. Since the start of his cricket career, he has continued with multiple success streaks. The personal life of this young player and his deep love for cricket shows the potential to establish him as a big-time cricketer in the near future.
Taskin’s cricket career started at a young age. His keen interest in the game and hard work quickly brought him into the limelight. He got a chance to prove himself by playing for the Oman National League, which he took full advantage of.
In personal life, Taskin is a very reserved and dedicated player. The support of family and friends makes him mentally strong. His cricketing skills and natural talent have made him shine in important matches.
Taskin-Riyad’s love for cricket will play a vital role in the development of Oman cricket. His performance and dedication is expected to lead to greater success in the future. This emerging player of Oman cricket has grabbed everyone’s attention in the National League.
Born in Bangladesh, Taskin showed keen interest in cricket from childhood. After his success in various local and domestic competitions in Bangladesh, Taskin began to dream of playing at the international level.

Taskin Ahmed Riyad

Early Life and Education:
Taskin Ahmed Riyad, the rising star of Oman cricket, was born on 2 November 1991 in Hajiganj, Chandpur. His father was a temporary resident of Oman for professional reasons, so his family moved to Oman. Taskin developed a keen interest in cricket from an early age. He received his first cricket bat as a gift from his father, which was an important moment in his life.
Taskin-Riyad’s Education: He completed his primary and secondary education from Pirojpur High School in Hajiganj Thana. Besides education, he was always fond of cricket. He was able to showcase his skills and talents by participating in various tournaments in his district and local club cricket.
Taskin-Riyad’s parents were very encouraging in his interest in cricket. They always encouraged him and provided the necessary support for his cricket practice.
It was these periods of Taskin-Riyad’s early life that laid the foundation for his cricket career. Along with his studies in school, he also continued coaching cricket regularly. His early coaches always saw a special talent in him and encouraged him to improve. From a young age, Taskin-Riyad possessed a determination and a hard-working mentality, which led him to success.

Entry into Cricket:

The beginning of Taskin-Riyad’s cricket career was very challenging and inspiring. He had a keen interest in cricket since childhood. His dream was to become a great cricketer from the time he watched the game while standing on the edge of the cricket field. But he had to overcome many obstacles on the way to fulfill this dream.
Taskin-Riyad’s entry into cricket was initially supported by his mother. For example, “He kept telling his mother for several months that he would go to Dhaka and join a cricket academy there to pay some money, and told his father not to be told!” He was greatly afraid of his father, but his mother did not care much at first, considering his age. At first I didn’t realize that he had so much talent. However, his mother has always assured him that he will give money when he gets it! In this way about 2/3 months passed, suddenly one day his mother arranged some money for him and gave him the mobile phone used at home and that day he left for Dhaka, right in the middle his father called him, he received the call very upset! His father asked, “Where are you, father?”
He replied I left for Dhaka, father I want to play cricket! I want to join an academy and for that purpose I left village for Dhaka. Taskin-Riyad’s fathers also have some love for cricket, his father was very happy and encouraged him and said you go I am with you, we will be by your side in all your needs Insha’Allah and immediately he sent Taskin-Riyad another 20 thousand rupees on that day for cricket equipment and For admission to the academy. He is very happy father gave him inspiration. This is how his journey in cricket began. His parents always encouraged him and helped him develop his talent properly.

Placement in Oman Cricket:
First of all, he got the opportunity to play in the second division for the Bank-Dhofar team in Oman, from there, after playing well, this young pacer got the opportunity to play at the national level of Oman.

Taskin Ahmed Riyad

He made his debut in Oman Premier League Passage to India in 2015, that year he performed well with Muscat City and this young pacer came to everyone’s attention. Oman cricket faced various challenges early on. In a country like Oman, where cricket was not that prevalent. However, many national level Pakistani and Indian cricketers participate there permanently. Getting his chance there was a big challenge. Moreover, he had to prepare himself physically and mentally before entering professional cricket. He has put in a lot of time and effort to master the fundamentals of cricket and improve his skills.
However, due to Taskin’s indomitable will and hard work, he was able to overcome all these challenges. As a result of his hard work and dedication, he gradually established himself in local tournaments.
The contribution of his family, coaches and colleagues was immense for Taskin’s success in this journey. Their cooperation and support enabled Taskin to reach his goals. Through all these challenges and adversities, Taskin Ahmed Riyad built a solid foundation for his cricket career. Proved his skill and talent by getting a place in the team.


Personal Life and Family:
Taskin Ahmed Riyad, known as the rising star of Oman cricket, is equally energetic in his personal life. His family consists of father, mother and one sister and two younger brothers. Taskin’s younger brother also has a keen interest in cricket, which is a source of inspiration for Taskin.
Important people in Taskin’s life include his coaches and family members. His coach taught him to be dedicated to cricket and family always supported him. According to Taskin, it would not have been possible to come this far without family support.
Taskin has a few hobbies and interests outside of cricket. He loves to travel, has a strong interest in learning about new places and cultures. These aspects of his life helped to make him a complete person.
Taskin’s personal life and family, along with his cricket career, have played an important role in shaping him into a healthy, beautiful and balanced person. These parts of his life made him known not only as a player but also as a humane and sensitive person.

Current Cricket Career:

Taskin Ahmed Riyad With team PTI

After Dinner Team photo session

Taskin Ahmed Riyad’s cricket career is already at the end. In 2017, he suffered a serious ligament LCL injury in his right leg. Even after the operation, this young cricketer suffered from several injuries. Then came the end of his beautiful career. He has been out of cricket for almost four years.

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